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Redfield Sets Precedent in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

John H. Redfield & Associates March 15, 2022

A recent client of Redfield & Associates wanted to reduce the monthly payments under their 100% chapter 13 plan case because all the creditors did not file claims by the bar date. The chapter 13 trustee objected to the extension because they wanted the case to conclude faster for the benefit of the creditors. Based on Attorney John Redfield’s argument and legal authority, the court allowed the extension resulting in reduced monthly payments and an extension of the maximum time limit to complete the plan (60 months rather than 36 months).

The Judge’s opinion was published in the West Legal Reporter (B.R., Bankruptcy Reporter), allowing other lawyers and clients to cite the precedent established to obtain the same result for their benefit.

Read the case summary and Judge’s Opinion (PDF)

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