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Libertyville Bankruptcy and Legal Services in IL

John H. Redfield & Associates March 15, 2022

Libertyville, Illinois Bankruptcy Services have been a central focus for Redfield and Associates for over 20 years. Businesses and residents in Libertyville, Illinois are important to us because they are our friends, colleagues and neighbors. We are committed to helping those of you in our Libertyville community eliminate debt, avoid judgements, defaults and foreclosures. We want to help stay financially solvent.

Our offices, barely a 30-minute drive (via N. Midlothian Road – click for directions) from Libertyville, provide a convenient location for Libertyville Businesses and Residents to learn more about their legal options for getting out of debt.

If you are interested in more information regarding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Libertyville, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Libertyville, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Libertyville, or general information about your options in the 60048 area, contact Redfield and Associates today via telephone, e-mail, or the contact form on our website. The sooner you take the first step, the more we can help.

Want to learn more about Libertyville Bankruptcy Options? Take a look at some of the resources provided here on our website:

Bankruptcy Overview – Learn about the different Bankruptcy Chapters that are available to Libertyville Residents and Businesses.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Will you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Can you keep your home and car?

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Let us help you reorganize debts and propose a plan of reorganization with your creditors. In Libertyville, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case may be used to solve tax debts, supplier debts, or to prevent a receiver from taking over your real property.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Designed for individuals and/or husbands and wives, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be the right choice for Libertyville residents who want to save their home or need to repay tax debt, but have too much income or too many assets to file a Chapter 7.

Corporate Dissolutions –This process, while complicated and requiring an experienced attorney, provides advantages in some Libertyville cases instead of filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.

Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors – If you are a Libertyville business or business-owner residing in Libertyville, you should explore this option which allows a company to appoint a selected fiduciary and assign the company’s assets to that person. The fiduciary then sells and distributes the proceeds from those assets according to priorities set forth in Illinois State Law.

If you have questions, consider checking our FAQs for more information.